ATTENTION/IMPORANT UPDATE: Trainings have restarted and are running at 1/2 the capacity they use to which means if you are scheduled for a training and do not show, you will be charged a $25 fee for preventing another staff from attending in that space. Anyone showing up later than 15 minutes of the training start time will not be admitted and will be marked as a No Show.

  • BPS Training is being discontinued and will be removed from your training profile soon.
  • CMT- Open and available to schedule
  • MTTP Training: MTTP Training is invite only as we try and get expired and new staff.
  • CPR/AED/First Aid: We are offering a blended version of this training at this time and are reaching out to supervisors and staff to register based on the due date for the current month. If you have an expired training please check your email or contact Belinda Ramnarine in the Training Department at for more information
  • Mandt Training: Please note that we have started opening this training for New Staff and Residential ONLY at this time. Before you complete the training, you MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ONLINE VERSION OF CHAPTER'S 1-3. NO EXCEPTIONS. Extensions will be made for those staff that are not included in the priority list first. You and your supervisor will be contacted by the Training Department when spaces are available.
  • For all other training matters please contact SARAH HOLMES IN THE TRAINING DEPARTMENT @

Course Descriptions/Class Fees

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