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Course Name Hours Fee Description
Aging & Needs Elderly 2.00 0.00 Universal Precautions regarding communicable diseases, preventing slips, trips, and falls, and HIPPA & Confidentiality
Arc Values & Community Integration 3.00 0.00 This training will provide the staff with an understanding of the history of the changing values held by the Arc Movement, define inclusion. define community membership and related ideas, understand and apply a variety of strategies for assisting individuals connect with their community, understand potential barriers to success for individuals, and identify possible solutions.
Blood Pressure Training 0.00 0.00
Certified Nursing Asst. 0.00 0.00
Choking Prevention & Dysphagia 2.00 0.00 This course is designed to train staff to recognize the risks as well as the preventative measures when working with individuals with a known swallowing disorder, individuals with altered texture diets, individuals with a behavior plan which addresses eating behaviors, food stealing and pica, and individuals who may be at risk for choking. Please note that no calls and no shows are reported to your supervisor and subject to disciplinary action if it is not followed up with documentation regarding an *authorized absence. *See training agreement for the definition of an authorized excuse for missed training(s). **Update-converted to online training 11/16/20
CMT Competency Training 1.00 0.00
CMT Update Training 4.00 0.00 Renewal of the Medication Technician Certificate The medication technician will renew the certificate every two years following the date of the first renewal. If one fails to obtain the Clinical Update before the expiration of the grace period the CMT will be required to repeat the 20 hour CMT Training program. YOU MUST COME TO CLASS PREPARED-THE REVIEW GUIDE IS LOCATED UNDER THE MAIN TWINSIS DASHBOARD UNDER MORE LINKS. IF YOU DO NOT PASS YOU MAY BE FORCED TO REPEAT THE ENTIRE 20 HOUR COURSE
Communication Skills 2.00 0.00
Community Integration & Inclusion 2.00 0.00 People with intellectual and developmental disabilities benefit greatly from active membership in their communities. Unfortunately, there are a lot of barriers to community membership. This course offers guidance for direct support professionals who need to focus on encouraging and facilitating active community involvement.
CPR/AED/First Aid 5.00 0.00 Currently this training is a Blended Training and requires you to be registered for the online portion by the Training Department. You MUST complete the online portion before you are eligible for the Skill Check portion. For questions email This training is based on the American Red Cross curriculum and is meant to prepare staff to provide immediate care in cardiac, breathing and first aid emergencies until advanced medical personnel arrive. Certification is not guaranteed and is only received AFTER successful completion. Please note that no calls and no shows are reported to your supervisor and subject to disciplinary action if it is not followed up with documentation regarding an *authorized absence. *See training agreement for the definition of an authorized excuse for missed training(s). $25 fee No Call/No Show Fee
Diabetes and Providing Supports Training 0.00 0.00 Including finger stick training
EPIPEN Usage 0.00 0.00
Fundamental Rights 2.00 0.00 This course provides the staff person with the ability to distinguish between the various components surrounding and effecting individual’s rights, recognize the issues you may run into that you will need to overcome, devise effective methods to address the issues, recognize sensitive issues surrounding individual rights, and relate individual rights to your responsibilities
Gastrostomy Tube Feeding 0.00 0.00
General Characteristics 2.00 0.00 This training will enable staff to define and identify specific conditions that qualify individuals as having a Developmental Disability, define the major characteristics of Developmental Disabilities, and distinguish between “Intellectual Disability” & “Mental Illness”.
IncidentReport/Abuse&Neg 2.00 0.00 Agency's policies and procedures regarding incident reporting as well as understanding and defining Abuse and neglect.
Individual Directed Plan 2.00 0.00 This course provides the staff person with the ability to understand what an Individual Plan is, and how to use it, It will also provide the knowledge to identify the values that drive the IP process, understand the role of a person’s IP Team, and to discuss the importance of outcomes and goals.
MTTP 20 Hour Training (New or Expired CMT) 20.00 0.00 20 hour training that prepares the individual to administer selected medications to individuals in selected community based setting, when: 1) a registered nurse has delegated this function; and, 2) the registered nurse was available to supervise, instruct and evaluate the CMT's performance. Certification is NOT guaranteed and based on successfully passing and completing the training $25 fee No Call/No Show Fee
Navigating Twinsis: The Basics 0.00 0.00 This training is a brief presentation that allows you to familiarize yourself with viewing, registering, and canceling trainings.
Nursing Plan of Care 0.00 0.00
Seizure Disorders Training 3.00 0.00 This course is NOT for staff that are required to take the Medication Technician Training as this is included in that curriculum. This training will discuss seizure disorders and take a close look at what causes seizures, how to respond to seizures, and ways you can support individuals who have seizure disorders. At the conclusion of this course you will have an understanding of; what a seizure is, what epilepsy is, describe the main categories of seizures, distinguish between the various types of seizures, describe common causes of seizures, describe what you may see during a seizure, and why the nursing care plan is important.
Sfty/OSHA/BlBnPath/CommDZ 2.00 0.00 This training is provided to teach the staff person regarding the use of universal precautions regarding communicable diseases and blood borne pathogens as well as slip, trips, and falls, OSHA, and HIPPA. NEW STAFF: Please note that this is the course that you took during Orientation Day 2
Sign Language 0.00 0.00
Supporting Individuals and Families in Making Choices 2.00 0.00 This course provides the staff person with the ability to describe the types of choices, understand the importance of choice provision, discuss risk management, become aware of common barriers to choice and methods to resolve them, and appreciate the benefits of family input.
Transport Indiv Spec Nds 4.00 0.00 Transportation is a 2 day training; Day 1- Four hour training consisting of developing skills that prepare staff for transporting individuals with special needs including, pre-trip safety considerations, handling a passenger pick-up site, defensive driving skills and techniques (maintaining a cushion of safety, reading traffic patterns to avoid hazards, adapting to changing traffic patterns and adverse weather conditions, backing techniques). passenger assistance procedures, effective communication skills, assisting passengers in and out of the vehicle, safe lift procedures, and securing passengers within the vehicle. Day 2: One hour training consisting of a "Behind the wheel" training where driving skills will be directly observed for safety and navigation. (Please note that the instructor will schedule your exact time for training during your Day 1.